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​PEAKfresh is modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) made specifically for fruit and vegetables as well

as cut flowers and plants. With a natural mineral embedded in our products, we are able to modify the
composition of the air surrounding the packaged item in order to extend the initial fresh state of the
product. PEAKfresh has long been used by growers, shippers and retail chains to preserve the
freshness of produce during transit and storage. Most recently, NASA began using PEAKfresh to

extend the life of produce sent to and consumed by the astronauts at the International Space Station. 

   Kiwi Fruit is also known as Chinese Gooseberry. Most long term
   storage of Kiwi Fruit is under controlled atmosphere conditions
   regulating supplies of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Some varieties
   of Kiwi Fruit can be stored six to eight months under CA storage
   conditions. It is possible to maintain excellent quality Kiwi Fruit
   packed in PEAKfresh tray liners for periods up to six months under
   normal cool room conditions. Storage quality of Kiwi Fruit will be
   dramatically reduced if the fruit is damaged as result of harvesting
   and mechanical handling including skin rub resulting in the removal
   of hairs from the skin. Bad temperature control and poor handling
   results in the development of grey and blue mould and rot. Late
   picked fruit needs to be carefully monitored for long term storage
   conditions. Extremely sensitive to the presence of very small
   volumes of ethylene gas and should never be stored in areas where
   there is the slightest possibility of ethylene gas entering the cool
   room environment. Never store with ethylene producing fruit such
   as apples or pears.

   Recommended Post Harvest Temperatures
   - OºC (31º – 32ºF) and 90% – 95% relative humidity.
   Packaging Method:
   Pack house hygiene is very important to avoid the transfer of
   bacterial diseases. Kiwi Fruit should never be pre-cooled using
   chilled water. The fruit should be forced air cooled to the
   recommended temperature range within eight to 12 hours of harvest
   and then maintained at this temperature during packing, storage and
   transportation phases. Wherever possible, retail storage of Kiwi Fruit
   should be around 2ºC (36ºF). Good quality firm fruit is packed into
   preformed plastic trays that are placed inside a PEAKfresh tray liner
   that is folded closed and then placed inside a tray box and palletized.
   It is important that air flow be maintained around all cartons packed
   on pallets. We recommend that the PEAKfresh tray liner not be
   sealed so as to avoid any excessive buildup of carbon dioxide during
   long term storage but to also provide protection during the transport
   phase of distribution where there is likely to be a rapid increase in
   Important Please Read:
   All recommendations for the use of PEAKfresh
   products are given in good faith and based on proven
   field experience. Packaging method storage
   temperatures and humidity levels, transit and
   destination conditions are factors likely to affect the
   performance of PEAKfresh products and no liability
   for indirect or consequential damage can be accepted.
   We recommend that PEAKfresh products be trialed
   under local conditions before introduction to large
   scale commercial applications.