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​PEAKfresh is modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) made specifically for fruit and vegetables as well

as cut flowers and plants. With a natural mineral embedded in our products, we are able to modify the
composition of the air surrounding the packaged item in order to extend the initial fresh state of the
PEAKfresh has long been used by growers, shippers and retail chains to preserve the freshness
of produce during transit and storage. Most recently, NASA began using PEAKfresh to extend the life of produce sent to and consumed by the astronauts at the International Space Station. 

Caja Liners
Envío de larga distancia expone frutas y hortalizas frescas a gas etileno, una poderosa hormona vegetal que desencadena el proceso de maduración. PEAKfresh es una película de polietileno mineral impregnado que absorbe y elimina el gas etileno. Tiene una excelente permeabilidad y buenas propiedades desodorantes. Su tratamiento antivaho ayuda a mantener un ambiente de alta humedad, y reducir al mínimo la condensación que puede acelerar el crecimiento de moho y bacterias y degradar la integridad de cartón.
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  • Ideal for long distance shipping
  • ​Protects product during transit & storage
  • Removes ethylene gas 
  • Maintains high humidity levels 
  • Minimizes condensation build up
  • Maintains vitamin C levels
  • Unsealed for easy application & removal
  • ​Can be applied by single person
  • No equipment or power needed
  • Allows for easy inspection of product
  • Minimizes condensation build up
  • Maintains vitamin C levels
​Made of the same material as our pallet covers
and box liners that growers and shippers use worldwide, these bags can more double the storage life of your produce at home.  Currently being used by NASA at the International Space Station, these bags remove ethylene gas and affectively keep fruit and vegetables fresher, longer, saving you money and trips to the store!
​Flowers are sensitive to ethylene and moisture loss just like produce.  PEAKfresh floral packaging effectively addresses these two factors allowing for a much longer life after being picked.
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Cubiertas de paletas
We pride our selfs in offering the best unsealed pallet covers without using C02! Using PEAKfresh Pallet Covers is easy and requires only one person.  A great advantage with our pallet covers is that when the skid arrives at the ware house or distrobution center, it can be inspected or partially unloaded the re-covered, protecting the rest of the load until it is needed.
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Envasado y Hojas Floral
PEAKfresh ofrecer envases de flores para ayudar a prolongar la vida y la frescura de las flores durante el transporte. Plantas y flores recién cosechadas caen en la misma categoría que la medida de lo daño a partir de etileno y los efectos de la pérdida de humedad. Ayuda a reducir estos efectos mediante el transporte con PEAKfresh!
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Reutilizable Home Use Bolsas Produce
PEAKfreshUSA Home Use Bolsas producen son la solución definitiva a la bodega de la casa que está tratando de poner fin a tirar productos. En promedio verá la vida útil de sus frutas y hortalizas aumentará 2.4 veces!
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Tapas RPC
Our RPC lids carry many benefits. They go on with easy application. We have made a strong film with exceptional strethching properties. Our lids stay in place due to its non slip properties. We have developed a new C-vent design that allowing for increased venting.  Our lids will keep dehydration to a minimum. Due to the stretching properties of our RPC lib you will have much less breaking which will keep waste to a mimimum!
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