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Keeps fruit and vegetables fresher-longer
Box Liners
Pallet Covers
Great for long distance shipping
Removes Ethylene Gas 
Maintains high humidity levels while minimizing condensation build up
Maintains vitamin C levels
OMRI Certified for Organic Use
PEAKfresh Home Use Produce Bags Work By
Floral Packaging
PEAKfresh floral packaging will help extend the life and freshness of flowers. Flowers are sensitive to ethlyene and moisture loss just like most produce is and our floral packaging will protect flowers from ehtlyene and moisture loss allowing them to have a much longer life after being picked.
PEAKfresh Produce bags keep fruit and vegetables fresher, longer. In fact, they more than double the existing storage life!
What is PEAKfresh film?

PEAKfresh is an Intelligent Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) film specifically developed for the packaging of fresh fruit, vegetables, plants and cut flowers. When used with refrigeration at correct temperature levels, PEAKfresh will extend the life of your product and maintain its freshness.

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Technical Information
Made of low-density polyethylene film impregnated with a natural occurring mineral, PEAKfresh significantly increases gas permeability while removing ethylene and other harmful gases. In addition, PEAKfresh has an anti-fog additive in the film that reduces the formation of water drops, reducing the potential development of damaging bacteria. 
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PEAKfresh makes inroads with modified atmosphere packaging for strawberries
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At PEAKfresh, we are doing out part by giving our customers the best in fresh produce preservation.